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The Long Group


Lab Facilities of The Long Group

DC Power Supply Model 80V 60A

DC Power supply 20kW 1000V 20A

DC Electronic Load 2.4 kW 120V 240A

EA Bidirectional DC Power Supply/Load 500V 60A 10kW

EA Bidirectional DC Power Supply/Load 500V 90A 15kW



LeCroy Oscilloscope + Power Analyzer MDA810A

1 GHz, 8 Ch

Tektronix 6 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

8 GHz 25GS/s 4-Ch

Tektronix 5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

1 GHz 6.25GS/s 6-Ch

Binder FED260 environment chamber 259 L 300 degC

ATV SRO-700 vacuum reflow oven

A glance of a testing set-up

Yokogawa WT5000 precision power meter

Yokogawa WT322 power meter



N4L Impedance Analyser

0.5u - 50M Hz 

Omicron Bode100 Vector Network Analyser 1 to 50M Hz 

Impedance test fixtures


Tektronix TTR500 Vector Network Analyzer 300k - 6G Hz

Tektronix TIVM Isolated  1GHz 2.2kV differential probe

Tektronix TIVM Isolated  1GHz 2.2kV/50V differential probe

LeCroy 1kV 120 MHz High Voltage Differential Probes


LeCroy Current Probes 30A 100MHz

LeCroy Current Probes 150A 10MHz

Keithley DMM7510 7.5 Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter

Stand Stereo Microscope + 5MP Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera FLIRE53


Laser cutter